My name is Kaja. I’m 13 years old. I attend the Primary School no. 21. I’m in a 7th grade. I’ve got some favourite subjects, for example: English, Art and Chemistry. My favourite colour I black. A look after a red cat named Garfield.

I think I’m creative and adventurous. Some people say that I’m an individualist. Sometimes I’m a little bit shy or lazy but I can open to close friends. Also I’m a pessimist but still a funny person.

My hobbies are climbing, art and reading. I used to swim and rollerblade but now I prefer other sports. I like books, especially fantastic novels. My absolute favourite ones are ‘’Harry Potter’’, ‘’The Lord of the Rings’’ and ‘’Percy Jackson’’. My dream is to meet J.K.Rowling. I guess I’m a bit obsessed with Horry Potter sometimes… In my leisure I like to paint or draw, ski, go for a walk, watch YouTube and learn words in English.

When it comes to food, I like Chinese and Thai cuisine. For me the best dish in the entire world are spicy shrimps with rice.

There are some things that I don’t like, for example playing computer games. I also hate bright colours especially pink. The most irritating for me are ‘’know-it-all’’ people.

I have visited a lot of countries so far like Germany, Greece and Switzerland. One day in the future I’d like to travel to France, Japan, Sweden and England.

I’m learning English because I want to get a job in Warner Bros in London. Unless I work there, I will be an architect.