Hi, my name is Mary and I attend the Primary School no. 21. Currently I'm in 8th grade. I'm 14 years old. Although I was born in Germany my parents are Polish. After a couple years of living there, they've gotten an offer to move to the United States - California. It was a difficult decision because only my father could speak English. We didn't really think about it much, we've just decided to take the opportunity and leave. After about two months we left Germany once and for all. Our new neighborhood was in a city called San Diego. People there were very lovely. For me English wasn't an easy language. After two months spent at school I could already communicate with Americans. In my free time I really enjoyed going to the pool or to the beach. About two years later we had to return to Europe. My parents preferred to return to Poland than to Germany. Life here is very different. Before living here I could only speak Polish, and couldn't read or write. At the age of 12 learning to read and write was very odd, but at present I do very well. In my entire life I've changed schools already 5 times. I don't make a lot of new friendships because I know that one day I'll leave again. When I was five I got on a horse for the first time and from that moment I ride frequently. In my free time I love to paint. I usually paint the Pacific ocean. I miss it a lot. I also play with my dog. A lot of people are jelous because I travel a lot and speak three languages but they don't know how hard it is to be ripped apart, to loose the feeling of being home. Wherever I go I feel homesick. Today I'm all past the worst and I know that I'll return someday